What to do if it is incomplete strapless fabric bra delivery?
Once customers find the quantity of the receiving goods is not consistent with the number listed on the agreed contract, please inform us immediately. We, as a professional company, have always been careful in packing the products and will check the order number again and again before delivery. We would love to provide our Customs declaration and CIP (Commodity Inspection Report), which clearly presents the number of strapless fabric bra after arriving at the port. If the loss of the delivered products is caused because of poor transportation conditions or bad weather, we will arrange replenishment.

Dongguan Chuangyan Underwear Co.,Ltd. has grown to be leading company in bra insert industry over years of factory experience. Chuangyan Underwear's main products include Bra Accessory series. The product has the desired cushioning effect. It can evenly distribute the load and stress across the feet to reduce the impact of landing. It has been marketed in the domestic and foreign markets for nearly 15 years. The product can replace labor to work on operations that are harmful or dangerous, while at the same time, it can avoid operators' mistakes. Every step for the product, say manufacturing, packing, and shipment, is well controlled.

Chuangyan Underwear has been trying to make itself the top brand of wholesale invisible bra in China. Please contact us!
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