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Unique Design Foam Silicone Bra CYB002

Unique Design Foam Silicone Bra CYB002

Deliver time
30working days after receiving deposit
3000 pcs
TPU,Silicone gel
Place of orgin
Dongguan Guangdong China
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   Product Information

    Product name: Unique Design Foam Silicone Bra CYB002

    Product size: A-B-C-D

    Material: Japan made Foam Silicone, makes this bra will never change its color. 

    Features: A. This is a foam Bra which made from imported Japan Foam Silicone, so never change color; 

                     B.  Extra light only 91g a pair, solve the problem of weight (traditional silicone usually 200% heavier)

                     C. The edge is made by automatic machine, so never corrugated;

                     D. There is with size mould inside, so easy to find the size.

 About Uniquebobo

    Uniquebobo has two factores. Factory 1 is making all kinds of fabric invisible Bra and nipple cover with more than 220 workers. 

    We have started to make invisible Bra, Adhesive bra since 2004. Uniquebobo has been the sponsor for Miss Universer in 2014.

    Uniquebobo's invisible bra and nipple cover are the only provider for this competition.

    Factory 2 is making silicone adhesive bra, TPU straps, nipple cover with more than 80 workers. We product silicone bra, TPU straps , 

    nipple cover automaticlly and daily output more than 20000pcs. 

  Product image and detailed pictures

Uniquebobo-Unique Design Foam Silicone Bra Cyb002 | Silicone Strapless Bra                 
Uniquebobo-Unique Design Foam Silicone Bra Cyb002 | Silicone Strapless Bra-1                 
Uniquebobo-Unique Design Foam Silicone Bra Cyb002 | Silicone Strapless Bra-2                 

The world UNIQUE design of foam silicone Bra,UNIQUE design cup,ultra weight 91g/pair,only 40-50% of normal 

 silicone bra

The picture and words cannot describle how AMAZING of this bra, you will know only after you own it,touch it and feel it,this

 material will not fade,the traditional foam silicone is very hard and easy to fade.

We use machine to cut the edge,so very flat and uniform,no warped edge!

It solved all the pain points of Adhesive Bra.

3. Advantage of this Foam Silicone Bra



Uniquebobo-Unique Design Foam Silicone Bra Cyb002 | Silicone Strapless Bra-3


   Q.Can it be washed?

   A. Self-adhesive cups are washable, reusable and easy to care for.
       Hand wash sides with mild soap, let air dry. Replace protective paper backing to adhesive sides. Do NOT iron or bleach.


   Q.How  to use it?
   A. Before using  it ,Clean your breasts with soap and water.
       Make sure the area is dry and do not use any moisturizers before applying.
       Remove the protective paper from the back of the stick on bra and place on your breasts. For maximum lift, hold your breast up before placing the

       cup on,starting with the underneath of your breast first and then pressing the bra onto the top part of your breast.

   Q.How many times for use?
   A. with proper care, this bra may be used more than20- 50 times.

  Q. How to choose proper size?
   A.Select the size that matches your bra cup size. However, customer feedback suggests band sizes 36 and larger should go up a cup size.

   Avoid to use the moisturizers(body lotion),perfumes, powders or other skin care products,as  it will  weaken the viscosity of the glue.
   Not recommended for women with sensitive skin, skin disorders, sun damaged or sun burned skin.
    Do not wear if you have a family history of de-pigmentation (including vitiligo).

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