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The best gift for Mother

The best gift for Mother



Today we are talking in a wechat group of classmate. One of my classmate is saying that mother’s day is coming, what gift is the best that we can present to our mother? It is a good question. It inspired me a lot of inspiration. My mother is almost 68 years old, she is getting old everytime when i go home to see her at end of year. My pity is that i can go home once a year, i am too far to my mother, i almost feel very sorry because I did nothing for my mother. Over the past few years, the common activity of me for mother’s day is to buy a skirt and then sent by courier for my mum. Sometimes even without skirt, i picked up the phone to call her, but actually, she always felt surprised why i call her suddenly because Mother’s day is not weekend, so in her memory, maybe it is normal for her to get my call only at the weekend.

Today i really have the ideal to give my mother a special Mother’s day. So let’s just image what is the best gift for our mother? Some people may say “money”, some people may say “new clothing”, some people may say “health care products”. But I should say the best gift for our old mother is “young”, right? I do think all mothers can give up all belongs even can let them have 10 years back.

I decided to do one unique thing for my mother. I will buy one shoulder-less and backless dress, i do not worry about anything because we have the invisible bra. We have a lot of designs of invisible bra and adhesive bra, E is my mother’s size. Plus size for her. What color is the best for her? Choose Nude Color, she will like it.

Never mind the wrinkles. Wrinkles are always the symbols of wisdom and wealth. But makeup is necessory, my mother will feel more confident.

The below adhesive bra is what i choose for my mother. I shared the idea with all my classmates.

The amazing thing happened. More than 20 classmates gave me a compliment and requested me to courier our adhesive bra and invisible bra, even nipple covers to them. They also want to do the same thing! Some of them even asked me to give the silicone bra as silicone bra is very suitable for some mothers who are thin. Great idea, really. We have a lot of silicone bras with push up function, some of them with wire support, some of them with lift up inside, so it is good chance for our mother’s to find back their pride again. Please do not forget, all our mothers have the same attractive breast during their young age. They just recall the past self, but nobody really understand women. Now, i can make a sum up, i understand women, as Uniquebobo is making women’s favorite products for more than 14 years. The pity thing is that i just treat our invisible bras, silicone bras, nipple covers as “product”, I did not use their “soul” that is the “young” of all women. No straps, no binding, that is also “freedom” of all women need.

Below are 4 mother’s image (sorry, i cannot show their face, also i should say, their average age is more than 40.

Graces Mother, 

48 years old, she has proud breast, I should say, hahahah. Grace says to us that her mother is caring her face and body even more than her. Every year, she will spent around $2000 on bra and face. In China, I should say is a lot of money. But she looks around 30 years old. So i think she worthy to spend $2000 every year.

She choose two design, both of them one piece invisible bra, with lift wire. You know, for women who has age more than 40, this is our suggestion. But never mind the wire, it is not traditioanl wire, it is soft and comfortable.


Amy’s mother

You can guess her age, from the neck and back, you will find that her age is not young, right? She is 52. In order to make this photo, she changed her hair. Actually, she does not have push Breast, even, a little down. So she should try her best to up her chest. We choose this push up Bra with wire and also quite thick sponge. Black color is good for he skin, as she is quite black right? We used silicone bra first, but found that below lack one pc bra is the best for her.


Sunny’s mother:

Can you guess her age? Hahaha, she has drooping breast, right? Even with this push up bra with strap still  cannot get back the good effect. Also, her breast is not as big as other two mothers.

This silicone bra is without front closure, so feel very free. Sunny’s mother is relaxible women, she told us that she even does not like to bring any bra in the winter, maybe this is key reason why her breast will drop so much.



Our sales manager, 41 years old. She is not a mother staying at home. She has her high position and her own company. Sometimes, she also make foreign trade training. Her usual worry is her breast, because she should always standing podium in front of so many people.But I should say she is very luck, as she has the right to choose any of our adhesive bra. She almost has tried more than 30 designs. She is first person to use our new design. She is professional, i should day, as she knows the real feeling of how comfortable and breathable of our sticky bra. She likes to wear them because healthy and free. We use 100% high quality medical grade glue. And our invisible bra, adhesive bra, sticky bra, silicone bra are suitable for all kinds of occasion of shoulderless dress, backless dress , swimming dress. Sally is one of the owner of our company, so she is so lucky to be a fashion model.


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