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Our workshop 1


  This is our glue-putting workshop, it is anti-dust workshop to gurantee that the glue and bra are without any dust. 

   For knowing more about invisible bra, the procedure of putting glue for the bra is very very important. Usually, 

   according to bra design, we have manual glue type and medical glue type. So when will use manual glue? for some

   complicated design, only gluing by hand can put the glue smoothly and completedly; And for medical glue, usually 

   the design is simple, so we use machine to put glue. The Bra which was putted by machine will looks nice.

   In our workshop, it is anti-dust, all the workers will put anti-dust cloth. 

   Buy Uniquebobo's bra, please feel free and comfortable as we are 100% responsible for the goods quality.


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