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Our big buyer in Brazil

There is a nice story between Nair and Uniquebobo. Nair has factory in Brazil and focus on traditional lingerie for more than 40 years. Now, she is 65. What reason cause her to start invisible Bra, Silicone Bra and Nipple Cover? Very interesting story. In Canton of Nov 4 in 2016, Nair visited our booth and she is very curious about our nipple cover design, so she asked our sales person what purpose of this? In her mind, full of traditional lingeries. Then our beautiful sales secretly ask Nair and pull up her cloth to show her breast, hahaha, Our sales girl on that day exactly put on the nipple cover! Nair got the first action and response that the product will be popular in Brazil. Then she took the sample and tested in Brazil, after 2 weeks, she placed 2 40ft HQ for our Push up nipple cover.

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