Is there an instruction manual for a strapless fabric bra?
Yes, we can offer an instruction manual for strapless fabric bra to every customer. The end-user manual is compiled by our skilled workers who are familiar with every part of the product and can proficiently operate the products as well. On the first page of the manual, there is a quick version of the instructions' catalog, which describes every step of the installation in short. In addition, we have clear and detailed pictures exquisitely printed for a better understanding of users. English version is commonly used for users now.

Uniquebobo, as one of the most famous brand in wholesale invisible bra market, has successfully remembered by many people. Dongguan Chuangyan Underwear Co.,Ltd.'s main products include bra extender series. This product will not be prone to accumulate odors. Its natural and organic coating helps inhibit bacterial growth on the foot, which keeps odors at bay. New ideas are always put into product development. The use of this product helps strengthen operators' experience or deeps their technical know-how, which enables them to have vast knowledge on the use of machines. The product can be used for almost 50 times.

Chuangyan Underwear will continuously enrich its product range that are popular with consumers around the world. Get price!
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