How to operate a strapless fabric bra?
The strapless fabric bra is manufactured based on modular design concepts and high-end technology. We integrate every single part into a whole with the aim of making the product to be labor-saving. We promise that this type of product is user-friendly and won't take you much time to figure out the use method. On some parts of the product, there are notices in English, giving users clear tips on how to use it. Please read the Instructions for use packed along with the product before using it. The matters needing attention are clearly noted in the instructions in case some accidents occur because of improper use.

The unique advantage for Dongguan Chuangyan Underwear Co.,Ltd. to dominate most part of market lies in its advanced technology and strict QC system. Chuangyan Underwear's main products include strapless backless bra series. Uniquebobo bra cups for backless dresses is manufactured by making use of their understanding of market knowledge. The product quality has been proven at many international exhibitions to be premium. There are more and more people embracing this product due to its low energy consumption. People can directly save electricity bills. The product marketing is supported by the five-star personal services.

Chuangyan Underwear sincerely wishes you a success in your business transaction. Please contact us!
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