How are materials used by Chuangyan Underwear for producing a strapless fabric bra?
To Dongguan Chuangyan Underwear Co.,Ltd., controlling the quality of materials is of the same importance to that of the quality of completed products. Materials utilized in strapless fabric bra are provided by trusted companies and analyzed by our experienced team. The materials used are considered throughout the certification.

Uniquebobo is recognized by numerous people at home and abroad in Adhesive Bra market. Chuangyan Underwear's main products include sexy nipple covers series. Uniquebobo sticky strapless bra is guaranteed for safety by a team of professionals. It is well recognized by many famous brands. This product features the desired bonding. It has tested by a tensile test machine for the peel strength of adhesive bonds between constructions. The product varies by material, color, and size.

Client-oriented was the focus throughout the evolution of Uniquebobo brand. Inquiry!
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