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Factory receiption stage


  Uniquebobo, set up in 2005, is the pioneer factory in invisible underwear! It is a brand under the factory of Dongguan Chuangyan

  Underwear Co.,Ltd which is modern enterprise integrate with product design, manufacture, sale of woman's fashion underwear 

  especially is the most professional factory for fabric bra and silicone bra as well as accessories. The company locates in  Daojiao 

  Town Dongguan Guangdong. We have 2 factories, the building area is more than 10000 square meters, the first factory is

  specialized in Fabric Invisible Bras, Silicone Bras, Bra Straps,Nipple cover. The second factory is specialized in all kinds of bra straps. 

  Totally we have more than 220 workers and worked with some famous brands. Now, Chuangyan has come to be Top 3  in 

  underwear industry. In 2017, our factory has improved by ISO9001 and in 2018, we got BSCI international audit.


  Uniquebobo comes in a wide variety of shapes, styles and patterns, whatever your need or mood. Millions of women worldwide

  have chosen Uniquebobo as the NU way to go backless and strapless every day. It provides comfort and freedom for women

  the wholeday with any outfit.

  The factory has full line automatic production line,from warehouse to cutting room, mold fixing up procedure, putting glue,as well

  as sewing and packing, our factory has realized to manage by ERP system, in this way, any step during the production can be 

  well traced and managed. As well, our workshop is built anti-dust to avoid the dust during molding and putting glue. Due to high 

  reputation withing more than 14 years, more and more famous brands have cooperated with us such Dior, Minoso, HM...in 2014, 

  Uniquebobo invisible bra has been selected as the only supporting brand by the Contest organizing committee and uniquebobo 

  bras have been the most grateful invisible bras for not only the participant but also all women who are tracing modern and fashionable life.

  Uniquebobo has never stopped developing new designs with its own concept, every year, we have more than 10 new designs and

  every new design has got design and utility patent, this is also why customers from all of the world like to work with Uniquebobo.

  Our job is to make womens lives easier. Uniquebobo knows what women need and want. Our mission is to empower

  women to look and feel beautiful and confident, and to love, accept and embrace their unique beauty

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