Can the bra accessory be made by any shape, size, color, spec? Or material?
As for the detailed information about product customization, please kindly contact our staff or browse our website, and We promise that you will get the perfect answer to it. Customization has become an important trend, especially for brand-name companies, as it deepens the communication between companies and customers. We have professional teams specialized in the design and development of the bra accessory. They consist of innovative designers and experienced R&D technicians who can customize the products by the sizes, or other specifications required by customers.

Uniquebobo is a leading brand in the bra extender business for the excellence in production. Dongguan Chuangyan Underwear Co.,Ltd.'s Bra Accessory is various in types and styles to meet the different needs of customers. Uniquebobo bra extender 2 hook will be inspected and tested thoroughly. It has passed the required tests in terms of the main motor, thermal relay, alternating current contactor, fuse protector, thermoelement, and other essential parts. Over 220 workers are gathered to support the product manufacturing. The product has a good pool cleaning effect. It's designed with a highly dense structure which prevents any small particles to get through. The product is easy to care for.

We bear social responsibilities. Everything we do is part of a continuing program to support responsibilities in climate protection, preserving biodiversity, pollution control, and waste reduction.
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